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How does sizing work?

All products are in Standard US/EU Sizing and have size charts available. Please use these charts to determine your best fit.

Should you have any questions about sizing feel free to contact us through  email.


We always recommend sizing up to those who want a looser feel and maintaining your normal size for those who want the slimmer look.

If you are ever unsure, please contact us for recommendations via email. Please let us know your height and weight if you would like a size recommendation.

Do i need to pay taxes ?  

Depending on the laws of your country you may have to pay taxes

What is your response time?  

Between 1 & 2 working days      
Our friendly and well-trained customer service team is at your service.  
Please be aware we always work hard to process your orders as soon as possible and our customer service team will keep you updated.

What is the delivery process?  

Shipping times typically vary from 10 – 30 working days depending on your geographical location. Once the goods have cleared customs, a tracking number will be allocated to your order. Please keep this order number for future tracking purposes. In extremely rare cases delivery time may exceed our estimated shipping timelines. Should the delivery time exceed 60 working days, we will provide a full cash refund to the customer.  
Our customer service team will closely monitor the status of your order and be at hand for any queries you may have.  
Due to the global nature of our business. Some of our suppliers are located in different geographical locations. For this reason we may ship each item individually. However this will not affect the delivery process and you can rest assured that all your items will be delivered and well received. In order to keep the global shipping free, we use international postal services.  
Please note that your country may charge additional import duty fees on your order. We are not responsible for this additional fee. However it is important to note that the low weight and value of our goods result in relatively low duty fees.      
For an in depth description please see our Delivery Page.

Do you offer any protection should I have made a mistake with regards to sizing, address or name issue?

When purchasing please do your very best to ensure you passed the correct information to us. Should you notice any mistakes after payment please contact us as soon as possible in order to make the necessary changes. Unfortunately once the parcel has been shipped we cannot change the size.  
If you would like to change your order it's best to contact articmane.shop@gmail.com

How do I make payment?  

We accept most bank cards, i.e. credit and debit cards through the secure international payment gateway of Paypal

My hoodie is a different color to the picture on the site?  
It is important to remember that due to the plethora of differences in monitor hue and saturation settings, it is almost impossible for the same picture to look identical on two different monitors/screens. This is why there may be a slight difference in color to your hoodie and the picture on our website.  
If the difference in color is more than just gradation, please contact us and we will happily arrange an appropriate solution depending on the issue.

Cancellation Policy

We cannot guarantee any cancellations or changes once the order has been fulfilled. We will try our best to accommodate your request at our discretion.


We generally take 1-7 business days to process our orders and co-ordinate with our warehouse and shipping departments.

Sizing Chart